Friday, October 30, 2009

Sexy Bridal Shower...

It's so funny, because the day after I received these from the printer, I received an invite for a friend's shower with the same theme/font. It was hilarious. I LOVE sexy bridal showers, they are always the most fun, so keep on keepin' on ladies! You KNOW that's what we like to do at good stuff. :)

This was for Lohern's Bridal Shower, postcard again. Front and back.

SERIOUSLY....Thank You!

Emily and Trent were married a couple of weeks ago! Congrats to both of them and their families! So to wrap it up, Emily and Trent had this hilarious picture of them both for their "Thank You" cards. So we decided to do them REALLY simple, partly because the picture said enough, and was really beautiful. So...
Front and Back....Seriously.